Have you ever wondered how you’ll manage to organise your files in VR? We’ve seen many crazy things done for VR, but we haven’t seen anything visually pleasing and simple made to handle the mundane function of the mighty file browser on your computer.

This is our concept of how a file browser should look and work in VR. We chose isometric perspective to visualise our idea. There is a dashboard, which is always visible on the level of the viewer frontal gaze. Every new folder represents a floor in a tower. Every new subfolder is a new floor which push the previous folder down. There can be unlimited number of towers which the user can arrange in the space around him.

There is an option for quick preview of the content of the folder when it is highlighted. The software can preview images, audio, video and 3D files. There is a virtual jog attached to the controller with buttons for basic actions like next, previous, copy, paste, delete, new folder or pin content. The user can curate the space around him by pinning anything. Giving the fact that stuff can get very messy in a 3D space, there is always option for voice activated AI assistance and a regular search.

Disclaimer: We don’t own the rights for some of the images used in the presentation.

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